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  • Suktinha


    ~$ screenfetch -N _,met$$$$$gg. user@x06 ,g$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$P. OS: Debian 11 bullseye ,g$$P”” “””Y$$.”. Kernel: x86_64 Linux 5.10.0-13-amd64 ,$$P’ `$$$. Uptime: 25m ‘,$$P ,ggs. `$$b: Packages: 1541 `d$$’ ,$P”‘ . $$$ Shell: bash $$P d$’ , $$P Resolution: 1440×900 $$: $$. – ,d$$’ WM: i3 $$\; Y$b._ _,d$P’ GTK Theme: Adwaita [GTK3] Y$$. `.`”Y$$$$P”‘ Disk: 14G /…

  • Clube de Leitura Python

    Clube de Leitura Python

    Que tal aprender a programar Python usando por base a leitura de textos em grupo. Aproveitando a sinergia dos participantes para se encaminhar na Programação Python. Performance Programming languages: Python is slow, but it’s about to get faster – Projetos wordle helper vml2obj How to Parse and Modify XML in Python? – Modeller – This…

  • Git

    Anotações sobre os meus estudos do Git

  • Router

    Referências 10 Ways to Improve the Speed of Your Current Router – 10 Things You Must Do With a Brand New Router – 10 Ways to Improve Your Wi-Fi Router Speed – 12 Useful Ways to Reuse an Old Router (Don’t Throw It Away!) – How to Prevent Your Home Router From Being Targeted by…

  • Ransomware – notes

    Ransomware anotações sobre o assunto.