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  • navegador browser

    navegador browser

    Anotações sobre navegadores / browsers curl Don’t Curl Me! – Google Chrome New Chrome 0-day Under Active Attacks – Update Your Browser Now – 2020-10-21 Internet Explorer Referências Popular Mobile Browsers Found Vulnerable To Address Bar Spoofing Attacks – 4 Free Anonymous Web Browsers That Are Completely Private – Vivaldi vs. Opera vs. Brave: Which […]

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    Anotações sobre e-Mails. eMail Descartável tempmail – Your Temporary Email Address. Tem sua utilidade, mas não substitui a sua indentidade. referencias The 6 Most Popular Email Providers Better Than Gmail and Yahoo Mail – alternativas de provedores de eMail que podem ser do seu interesse!

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  • UML

    Anotações sobre UML Referências PlantUML in a nutshell –

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    Referências 10 Ways to Improve the Speed of Your Current Router – 10 Things You Must Do With a Brand New Router – 10 Ways to Improve Your Wi-Fi Router Speed – 12 Useful Ways to Reuse an Old Router (Don’t Throw It Away!) – How to Prevent Your Home Router From Being Targeted by […]